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    Here I go again on my own
    Going down the only road I’ve ever known

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    If you haven’t, you should try using ChatGPT for language learning, it’s fucking amazing!

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    Embrace chaos.

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    artificial intelligence -> synthetic wisdom

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    If Microsoft acquires OpenAI, you know who’s coming back right? It appears you are composing a written message. Is there anything specific you would like assistance with? I am equipped with advanced language processing capabilities and can assist with grammar, vocabulary, and organization to help you craft a polished and effective communication.

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    Best use case I found for Gepeto so far: acting as a Chinese teacher.

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    ChatGPT, amazing as it is, is a castrated language model. Open-source alternatives like RWKV will probably win. (think DALL·E vs stable diffusion)

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    Some rules of crypto I learned over the years:

    Haters gonna hate.
    Third parties will fuck you.
    Losers will try to weaken it.
    Erik Voorhees is always right.
    Don’t be a coin maximalist.
    Twitter is not your friend.
    Traders don’t really get it.
    Dump USA. Long China.
    Don’t buy the narratives.