Manuel Araoz

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I studied Computer Science and Engineering at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, in Argentina. I'm currently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My work is mostly about cryptocurrencies, distributed systems, machine learning, interactivity, and robotics. One of my goals is to bring new experiences to people through technology.

I'm currently CTO and cofounder at Zeppelin.

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Bitcoin & Blockchain

  • Proof of Existence, a web service to anonymously and securely store an online distributed proof of existence for any document. It uses the bitcoin blockchain as a sort of digital notary.
  • Streamium, a p2p livestreaming application using bitcoin's Payment Channels smart contract for micropayments.
  • Bitcore, a popular JavaScript Bitcoin library I helped create while working at BitPay.
  • MultiPaper, a Multi-signature address (P2SH) paper wallet using bitcore.
  • Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual reality world.


Miscellaneous interests

  • Indie games, especially Braid, a game about time and causation that showed me that videogames can be as deep and enjoyable as books, music or art. Other games I enjoyed a lot are osu!, Today I Die, Undertale and The Witness.
  • eSports, or competitive play of videogames. I once trained and played in Starcraft II and League of Legends tournaments. Valuable resources for learning were Sean Plott's Day[9] TV and Shaun Clark's Terran Tutorials.
  • Creative Coding, or making art via code. I've seen some mind-bending examples like this fantastic video from FITC Tokyo 2015, or the paintings of StyleNet.
  • Educational Videos on YouTube. My favorite channels are Kurzgesagt, Vsauce, Vi Hart and theodds1sout.
  • Music. I play, albeit mediocrely, guitar, bass, keyboard, trumpet, flute and algorithms! I've recently ventured into EDM production. You can find my tunes in my soundcloud profile.


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