Please push play, listen for a couple of minutes, and then start reading.

It’s in the rhythm. The beat. The breathing. The colors you see with your eyes closed. The pulse. The arithmetic. Full awareness of your whole body as it flows. As music pierces through every one of your cells. Synthetic sound. Procedural emotions. A ritual with many gods. Interaction and disconnection. Anticipation and orgasm. A suspension of disbelief.

It’s being a drop in an ocean. Feeling a million forces nudging your body in different directions and letting go. It’s learning as you go. Surprise at discovering moves that are your own. Following the follower. Rediscovering what free will means. It’s being swell. Being river. Being wave. Being ocean. It’s the vibration of the self in resonation with the world.

It’s repetition. It’s pattern. It’s breaking patterns. Holding an idea as new elements come into play. Creating a vase so that we can fill it with our offer. Up and round. Side onto side. In and through. Out and about. It’s understanding something and being OK with the unexpected. A circle that contains you and goes higher and higher.

It’s desire. Seduction. Body on body. A reckoning pilgrimage. Taking bodies to their limits. Sweat calls for a shift. Eyes that bring a soul to rest for an instant. Dare an inch forward. The primal instantiation of random brushes. Warm skin calling. You’re sharing the moment with someone whose name you don’t know, yet understands you in a unique kind of silence.

It’s communion. Flashes of friendly faces through the strobe lights. Feeling your consciousness expand and become part of something greater. Walls down, letting the music guide your thought, your next step, your intention. The mimic game you play with a stranger. The simultaneous turn of heads where eyes meet with eyes in common recognition of a melody. The deep connection of souls only dance gives. The connection, a synapse of bodies. Music as thought.

It’s letting go. Letting go. Letting go…